AirID 2 & AirID 2 Mini

Redefining security and usability

The AirID family of devices, consisting of AirID 2 and AirID 2 Mini, revolutionises the security of digital activities:

Authentication, signing and encryption.

Very high encryption standards ensure the security of your data. The connection between AirIDs and e.g. smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, notebooks and PCs, printers or machines is established via Bluetooth Low Energy (AES-256 bit encrypted).

Automatic distance log-out

Another feature of AirID is distance logout, which enables automatic logout without the need for a mouse click or touch. Like a rangefinder, AirID blocks access to the device once a specified and customisable distance is exceeded.

One device for all platforms

Windows, MacOS, Android or iOS – AirID technology is platform independent! So it’s up to you which operating system you choose.


If employees are to become a factor for greater cyber security, the (additional) effort involved must not be left to them. The ease of use makes AirIDs unobtrusive companions with a big impact, without the need for additional user interaction.

The highest level of data security

With AirIDs, you can use your device without worrying about sensitive messages and the exchange of confidential, internal company data.

One device – two options

AirIDs are smart card readers and FIDO2 tokens in one device. This means you can easily use high-security smartcards with certificates and FIDO2 tokens in different environments at the same time – simply store additional FIDO2 tokens.

Which device is the right choice? A look at the differences

AirID 2

The mobile smartcard solution

Combination of card reader and ID badge holder

AirID 2 is a combination of a card reader and an ID card badge holder. AirID 2 has the shape of an ID card cover and has a discreet design. You always carry AirID 2 with your company ID card and, unlike conventional card readers, the smart card remains in the reader for all applications.

AirID 2 for secure identification

AirID 2 supports technologies such as RFID and NFC, e.g. in the context of electronic time recording or physical access control. This means that the smart card does not need to be removed from the AirID 2 to open doors, for example.

AirID 2 Mini

The compact AirID 2

Compact class

The AirID 2 Mini is much smaller and lighter, but has all the same features.

Replaceable smart chip

The AirID 2 Mini has a built-in smart chip that can be flexibly replaced if required.

AirID 2 AirID 2 Mini
Dimensions 90,5 x 60,5 x 9,5 mm approx. 73 x 39 x 15 mm
Weight < 50 g approx. 35 g
Battery life over 2 weeks
Display 132×32 Pixel Low Power 128×128 Pixel
Smartcard format ID-1 (full-size) Mini-UICC (Micro SIM, changeable)
Protocols T0 and T1 cards
Operating systems
Windows from 8.1 (7 with AirID Dongle) / iOS / Android / Linux / macOS
Interfaces Bluetooth Low Energy / Micro USB
AES 128 / AES 256


Tailor-made for your business success.

You operate in an environment:

  • with special hygiene requirements, such as in medical facilities,
  • where safe communication is vital, as in the military, rescue services, police, fire brigade, etc.
  • where protective masks, gloves and goggles are part of the work clothing, e.g. in laboratories, high-purity production environments and hazardous areas

and therefore need solutions based on proven technology that can be customised to your environment like a tailor-made suit? Then AirID is the right partner for you, regardless of the industry.