AirID Virtual

The next (re)evolutionary stage of virtual authentication

Authentication, signing and encryption with your smartphone: Secure two-factor/multifactor PKI authentication without the need for an additional smart card and reader.

Highly secure: The 256-bit encrypted Bluetooth connection between smartphone and host ensures the utmost protection.

Automatic distance logout: The AirID Virtual app on the smartphone blocks access to the working device as soon as a certain distance is exceeded.

Multifactor authentication: Depending on the smartphone equipment, multifactor authentication via biometric features is a viable option.

AirID Virtual provides secure two- or multi-factor authentication without the need for additional hardware. The AirID smartcard is virtualised as an independent app for smartphones on iOS and Android. The virtualisation of AirID in an app is recognised by the end device as an AirID hardware security module, enabling secure authentication with a smartphone or smartwatch.

AirID Virtual can be used in addition to or as an alternative to AirID hardware security modules, as both solutions only require the AirID driver on the end device. It is also possible to use the virtualised smartcard to encrypt and sign data and emails on the work device as usual. In combination with biometric factors of the smart device on which AirID Virtual is used, for example, multi-factor authentication is possible.


Supported smartphone operating systems iOS / Android
Operating systems Host
Windows from 8.1 (7 with AirID Dongle) / iOS / Android / Linux / (macOS in the pipeline)
Interfaces Bluetooth Low Energy / Micro USB
AES 128 / AES 256