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With AirID technology, employees become the critical factor for increased cyber security. AirID combines high security with maximum ease of use to create uniquely convenient authentication solutions.
AirID technology means convenient security without compromise.

Security on three levels

Regardless of which product you choose from the AirID portfolio, AirIDs give you full control over your protection goals.

Very high encryption standards ensure the security of your data, which can be encrypted with AirID not only on the PC but also on mobile devices. All it takes is a one-time setup between AirID and the respective work device (laptop, PC, smartphone, tablet).

Maximum security

Windows, MacOS, Android or iOS – AirID technology is platform independent! So it’s up to you which operating system you choose. Let us show you what other options each platform has to offer.

That’s why AirID is secure:

  • Data transfer via asymmetric encryption.

  • The private key on the smart chip with only one direct interface: AirID

  • The interface is network-independent and therefore untouchable.

  • Absolute security for the private key with AirID

With AirID, data can be encrypted not only on the PC, but also on mobile devices and, in the context of the Smart Factory, on machines. All that is required is a one-time setup between AirID and the respective work device. All necessary security processes run automatically “in the background”.

AirID Smart Industry – IoT

Increased connectivity creates opportunities, but also a growing potential for risk. We show you how to achieve a high level of security without compromising convenience and usability.

  • Effective risk reduction at the so-called “human weak point” is achieved through the use of innovative authentication technology.
  • Genuine added value through consistent user-centricity and user-friendliness avoids additional work for staff and IT.
  • Investment and future security are guaranteed at all times thanks to simple update functions.
  • All modules can be combined with each other and integrated easily and flexibly into the respective infrastructure.
  • A management solution allows the company to retain data sovereignty, for example when it comes to settings/policy management, defining user groups or recording firmware version, activity status and users.
  • Automatic distance logout blocks access when a certain distance is exceeded.


With AirIDs, you cover all modern security requirements in a heterogeneous network environment. Integration into the corporate infrastructure is carried out in close cooperation with our customers, taking into account their specific needs and requirements.

AirID 2 | AirID 2 Mini

AirdID 2: The perfect combination of card reader and badge holder. With AirID 2, the smart card remains in the safest place for all applications – right on you!

AirID 2 Mini: Offers a convenient solution that can be easily integrated into existing corporate IT systems. A full AirID 2 in a compact form factor.

AirID Virtual

Take smart authentication to a new level of security with a full-featured AirID on your device without the need for additional hardware.

AirID Enterprise Manager

A local server solution for central administration of AirID products, including firmware updates, settings/policy management and user group definition, providing organisations with complete data sovereignty, streamlined processes and a centralised device configuration.

AirID 4.0 – IoT

With AirID Industry 4.0, we have developed a universally integrable module that integrates devices from toothbrushes to production machines into the Internet of Things and transfers proven security technologies from the enterprise environment to the IoT.

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Accurate identification and secure information exchange are essential in the digital world. This is especially true in environments where highly sensitive and/or classified information is exchanged. This is where AirID Government to VS-NfD comes in. Of course, with AirID GovTech you don’t have to compromise on usability.

Do you also want to protect other communication spaces such as video conferences? Get in touch with us.

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Next Level Identity Management

At AirID Intelligence we are working on the next level of digital identity management. Our developers are happy to share their knowledge with external partners to create innovative solutions for a wide range of authentication challenges.

Are you facing such a challenge or do you have an innovative technology in the area of Smart Industry, Smart Mobility, Smart City or Smart Home and are looking for an innovative, integrable solution for the authentication function? Contact us and we will develop it for you or work with your team in a development partnership to find the best solution.