AirID Enterprise Manager

Always safe due to local control

The AEM (AirlD Enterprise Manager) was developed as a server-side management programme for the use of AirlD in the enterprise environment. Among other things, the AEM can be used to centrally manage the firmware versions of the AirlD products used in the company. Thanks to local operation on a Java EE server within the company’s IT department, the company always retains full data sovereignty.

Main functions of the AirID Enterprise Manage

  • Firmware updates: AEM provides administrators with the ability to efficiently update the firmware of all AirIDs, ensuring that all devices in the network remain up to date.
  • Policy management: The AEM enables the enforcement and implementation of access authorisations as part of the authorisation management process, reducing the need for personnel and time resources.
  • Definition of user group: In conjunction with the authorisation management tool of your choice, the phenomenon of privilege escalation can be counteracted very effectively.
  • Optional telemetry data: The optional collection of telemetry data provides valuable insight into important information such as firmware versions, activity status and users of your AirID devices.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Time and cost savings through optimised processes
  • Devices can be configured centrally
  • Straightforward user administration
  • The scalability of the security solution.
Type of server Java EE
Interface WLDAP, Keycloak