AirID 4.0 – IoT

In order to create a secure smart world

What characterises an increasingly smart world? Ideally, the networking of processes improves quality standards, for example, and increases convenience for employees, customers, patients and road users. The security of data streams is a central element and therefore part of every new evolutionary stage in these areas. This is why we have also focused on the perfect symbiosis of high security and user-friendliness with AirID Industry 4.0 – IoT.

AirID Industry 4.0 also offers security on three levels:

High Security – Easy to Use in an IoT environment

Thanks to the easy and flexible integration of the module into your hardware, the low power consumption and the easy integration into your software with the help of the SDK, AirID Industry 4.0 offers significant added value and opportunities for differentiation in the market. Data encryption ensures both integrity and confidentiality.

Benefits at a glance

  • Universally integrable module
  • Proven, highly secure technology from the enterprise world transferred to IoT
  • Easy to implement in your hardware and software
  • Compatible with all user platforms
  • Strong protection against unauthorised access and manipulation
  • Device security for businesses, consumers and governments through hardware-based strong cryptography