FIDO2 authentication now available for free for all AirID customers

  • AirID2 combines PKI smart card & FIDO2 authentication “on the fly”
  • For all smart cards, like TCOS, CardOS, STARCOS, PIV, CAC, Java, etc.
  • For the first time simultaneous use of certificates & FIDO2 in one device
  • Immediately available free of charge for all AirID customers 

Duesseldorf, Germany, March 15, 2021, certgate GmbH, one of the leading specialists for secure IT Workplace solutions and member of the international FIDO Alliance for years, has announced the immediate availability of FIDO2 authentication for all smart card environments with AirID, free of charge.

Physical smart cards have provided the highest levels of security and protection in enterprises and government agencies internationally for many years – but they also require appropriate infrastructures. To simplify user authentication, additional open methods, such as FIDO2, have been developed by the FIDO Alliance for secure authentication.

The AirID2 now combines both technologies in one device for the first time, i.e. highly secure smart cards with certificates and FIDO2 tokens can be easily used together and simultaneously – additional FIDO tokens are simply eliminated. With this worldwide unique combination, all FIDO2 application areas automatically become available for all users, companies and authorities using smart cards today.

FIDO authentication is supported by many well-known companies, including Amazon AWS, Apple, Dropbox, DUO, Facebook, Google, Github, IBM, Microsoft, RSA, Salesforce and many others. FIDO2, an extension of U2F, is a global W3C standard and provides strong and secure password free authentication.

The new FIDO2 support is available immediately without charge in the download section on ( as a software update for AirID2 devices and works independently of the smartcard used. I.e. no matter if a company uses JavaCards, CARDOS, TCOS, PIV, CAC or other smartcards – just insert the card into an AirID 2 reader and immediately the new FIDO2 authentication function is additionally and wirelessly available via BluetoothLE on WINDOWS10 computers, further platforms are in preparation. Additional FIDO tokens are no longer required – saving  costs and administration effort.

The AirID products are developed in Germany and “IT Security made in Germany”. AirID2 combines perfect, hardware based, security with very high usability and automatic locking of devices. Just leave the smart card with AirID2 in your pocket, on your belt or collar and use the applications securely. When the user walks away from the workstation or device, the applications or device are automatically locked.

FIDO2 authentication for AirID2 perfectly complements the FIDO Alliance’s initiative for smart card-based environments, such as U.S. Homeland Security Directive 12 (HSPD-12) Personal Identification Cards (PIV), to extend them with additional, flexible FIDO authentication.

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