AirID FIDO – New wireless, secure Passwordless Authentication

New AirID FIDO security key enables wireless, Passwordless Authentication for PC, tablet & online for the first time. MICROSOFT, OKTA, PING, DUO, RSA and many others support AirID FIDO directly without additional software, just set it up and you’re done! The perfect alternative or complement to USB based security keys. AirID FIDO can be ordered online immediately at

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AirID VIRTUAL – the first AirID smart card reader as a smartphone app

certgate, one of the leading German IT security providers, extends its successful AirID product family with the AirID VIRTUAL, the first AirID smartcard reader as an APP for smartphone and tablet. The AirID Virtual enables secure certificate-based authentication, signature, and encryption on the computer in the office and home office without separate hardware.

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