About certgate

About certgate

certgate is one of the leading IT security providers for secure mobile communication technologies and a long-time member of the alliance “IT Security Made in Germany”. Leading international companies, research institutions, ministries, the German Bundestag and state security authorities securing their mobile communications with patented certgate technology and products. The certgate solutions are distributed worldwide via partners thus providing everywhere real protection against hackers, mobile data leakage and unauthorized access – even by governmental organizations. Today, certgate provides every day sustainable worldwide protection for thousands of users for their mobile communication and data.



Jan has worked in the IT industry throughout his entire career. At IBM he was responsible for global customers, Germany’s largest system integrator, working at various locations and managing hundreds of millions of euros in revenue. He then made a change to become the Managing Director of an international IT company. Then he managed the transformation of the company into an international venture capital fund with locations in Berlin, Hong Kong, and Los Angeles.

At the same time he founded AuthentiDate International AG in Düsseldorf, Germany’s first accredited certification service for timestamps and a leading IT security specialist. AuthentiDate was honored with the German Internet Prize, and its highest endowment, in 2005 for its pioneering work in IT security. In 2011, he sold AuthentiDate International AG to exceet Group AG (Switzerland), supporting the company in its successful public listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. As the Senior VP and member of the Executive Commitee of exceet Group S.E., and CEO of AuthentiDate, he left the exceet Group to support other companies in making their own digital transformations.

As the CEO of XCOMpetence in FINTECH Group AG, he built up thearea of IT security consulting and restructured the FINTECH Labs in Berlin and Frankfurt in order to accelerate collaboration with Fintech start-ups.

At certgate, Jan is currently supporting the company’s development into a “mobile IT security solution provider” with patented and new concepts and technologies to improve mobile security for companies and agencies.

Jan has authorized a variety of IT security and compliance publications, including “Digitale Signaturen in der Praxis” (Digital signatures in practice), “BankingClub” and “Compliance is key – believe it or die!” which appeared in the global best-seller, The FINTECH BOOK, Wiley Verlag, London.


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