AirID VIRTUAL – the first AirID smart card reader as a smartphone app

Düsseldorf, November 11, 2020 – certgate, one of the leading German IT security providers, extends its successful AirID product family with the AirID VIRTUAL, the first AirID smartcard reader as an APP for smartphone and tablet. The AirID Virtual enables secure certificate-based authentication, signature, and encryption on the computer in the office and home office without separate hardware.

Today, more than 20,000 customers worldwide protect their data and IT infrastructures conveniently and wirelessly with AirID smart card readers. They provide the highest protection using smart cards, also for particularly confidential VSnfD (confidential) requirements in the public sector environment.

The AirID VIRTUAL offers increased protection without the use of smart cards or tokens. All companies and organizations, which do not need – or only in selected areas – smartcard security, can improve their IT security with AirID everywhere without separate hardware. Simply download AirID VIRTUAL App on the smartphone, connect the server and every user can easily log on to the computer without a password and sign and encrypt emails or documents.

The special thing about AirID Virtual is that no online connection to the Internet is needed for login, signing and encryption – AirID Virtual works everywhere. No matter if on a plane or in an underground car park, the security is available independent of the Internet and servers.

Of course, AirID VIRTUAL, like all other AirID products, automatically protects the computer or workstation when the user walkes away. Just to the printer, canteen or colleague? AirID always locks the computer fully automatically. Protect and accelerate your corporate digitization strategy now.

AirID VIRTUAL is “IT SECURITY MADE IN GERMANY” and is now available to every company for a free test without obligation. Further information is available at  

certgate has been investing and developing complex IT security technology in Germany for years, as well as products and solutions with a high focus on easy handling and perfect usability in the professional sector. The AirID VIRTUAL complements the AirID product family, can easily be used together with other AirID products, and thus underlines certgate’s unique performance promise, especially regarding the protection of its customers’ investment.


ABOUT certgate

certgate is one of the leading German IT security providers in the area of “Secure Workplace”, a long-standing member of the alliance “IT Security Made in Germany” and was awarded as one of the 10 best IT security companies in 2020.

The German Bundestag, the Office of the Federal President, most of the German federal ministries, many downstream authorities, globally leading companies, research institutions, as well as government security agencies protect their data and infrastructures with patented certgate products at home and abroad.

The uniquely user-friendly certgate products and solutions are approved up to VSnfD (confidential) classification and are distributed worldwide through partners. They provide real protection against hackers, mobile data leakage and unauthorized access for thousands of users everywhere every day – even by government organizations.

Further information about certgate and the AirID product family is available at:


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