Simple wireless 2FA with AirID in the field

Wireless 2-factor security for your mobile devices such as laptop, smartphone and tablet. Use your existing smartcards in your infrastructure and experience the wireless smartcard reader AiriD in the live demonstration:

This awaits you in the live demonstration:

Thus visitors can experience the complete life cycle for strong authentication with the help of smartcards live at the LIGA booth:

Active Directory (AD) is used as a directory service in almost every company from a certain size. With the help of this Microsoft service, regulations for user accounts including approvals and authorizations can be easily created and managed. Visitors can learn more about the basic functions and how to create a simple user database live on site. If you want, you can create a personal certificate in self-service and test it on a smartcard as for further applications. As soon as the personal key material can be stored on the smartcard as a secure element, you can securely log on to the Windows terminal using 2-factor authentication (2FA) with a PIN. The special feature here is that the smartcard is made available to the terminal with the AirID wirelessly via BLE. Logged on to the system, for example, it continues with a protected web application, whereby further applications such as signed or encrypted e-mails are also possible here. In addition, doors can be opened with the personalized smart card and the AirID or the proven FollowMe print function can be tested. This enables companies to increase data security for printed documents in everyday life and at the same time reduce costs. In addition, the team is available for questions on the subject and security audits, which are essential to pass an ISO 27001 certification successfully.

Especially when processes of the core business are increasingly digitized, it is important to protect the digital services and their access. In this widespread example scenario, companies can rely on the expertise of LIGA and certgate. So that work 4.0 and IT security go hand in hand.

More about Secure Digital Identity Flow from LIGA.


Society is in the midst of a digital transformation Рsome call it industrial society 4.0 Рthe age of digitization. Whatever you call it, the transition from manual to digital processes is in full swing. With standardized software, you can manage digital security, identity and mobility in a way that both benefits the individual employee and strengthens the business Рand last but not least ensures that you meet the ever-increasing regulatory requirements.


Infosecurity Denmark 2019 offers more than 100 professional presentations, 20 keynotes and over 80 exhibitors. The program covers Compliance, Cybercrime, IoT, Enterprise Mobility and Cloud Security and offers a unique insight into the latest IT security technologies and current challenges in everyday operations. As a participant you will be informed about the latest technical innovations, gain insights into the current threat scenarios and finally have the opportunity to exchange ideas with some of Denmark’s best-known IT security providers.


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