IT security in the office and at the mobile workplace

Today, an employee ID (smart) card is most times both a visual ID card and an electronic ID card everywhere. At the workplace, in the canteen and partly mobile in the laptop, it enables access, access and payment. The visible ID card function also makes it easier to address colleagues by name – just in case the conference is getting too big.

The employee ID card can do more. It can also be the confidential security anchor with certified 2-factor security for all non-mobile and mobile devices. Smartphones, tablets and some laptops had never or no longer will have an identity card reader built in. The connection of cable and external reader is too bulky and makes little sense, while on travel.

Lightweight, wireless badge readers will help here – they will turn the badge into a wireless badge. The wireless badge will open up new use cases and fields of application with increased flexibility. Thanks to an encrypted, secure and wireless connection via Bluetooth, the badge will stay in the reader at any time, whether for smartphone, tablet, PC, door access or payment. This will simplify logging on to a PC or laptop an easy task.

When the computer or application launches, the PC will automatically and wirelessly connect to the wireless employee ID card, the user will enter his PIN or password and that’s it. The badge (and card) simply will remain in the user’s pocket, bag or neck. No need to pull it out of the case and insert it into a separate badge reader each time.

And a secure auto-logout from PC, laptop or mobile device will be included. If the user walks away from the PC with its wireless employee ID card, the system will automatically lock and protect any important data from unauthorized access and spying. This will work everywhere, whether in the office, on the road or at home.

On the road and with mobile devices it will be even easier. In the train, on the plane or at conferences – the smartphone is usually always there. Here, too, no one has to forgo of the established security of an employee ID card. Without the need for additional cables, sleeves or readers, the wireless ID card for mobile devices will guarantee the same high level of security as in the office for PCs and laptops. The encrypted connection to smartphones and tablets are highly secure, just enter the PIN or password and you’re done.

For example, mobile applications can use the wireless employee ID card for signing and encrypting e-mails or logging into the company network even more securely and conveniently. Even telephone calls and short messages can be securely encrypted if required and protected, especially for international, mobile communication.

The wireless employee ID card will increase significantly mobile security. The unique feature is that the user’s important private keys and digital certificates will never be stored on the (vulnerable) smartphone or tablet, but always and only remain on the protected employee ID card. This means that all data is absolutely secure, even if the smartphone gets lost – and professional hackers will have no chance. At the same time, this considerably simplifies the internal administration and administration of digital identities (certificates) on mobile devices, since multiple copies and updates on different devices are no longer necessary.

The wireless employee ID card combines the highest possible security, flexibility and mobility with maximum investment protection. Through seamless integration into the existing IT infrastructure, independence from rapidly changing mobile devices and maximum convenience for users, the wireless employee ID card will mobilize and extend the existing security infrastructure into all non-mobile and mobile areas.

This will protect previous investments, minimizes risks and increases compliance.

(This text is a translation of a publication in the German “STANDPUNKT” magazin)


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