Completely wireless! You can finally clip your smartcard reader to your clothes so you’re fully mobile!

Thanks to AirID2 you always have your smartcard reader with you – on your jacket, on a lanyard, your belt or on a yo-yo clip on your belt. You’ll never again forget your smartcard in the office as the chip card simply remains in the card reader.

The AirID2 !

How to enable your smart card going mobile in 60 seconds!

Wireless smart card reader and FIDO token for all devices and applications

Securely encrypted e-mails

Signing digital documents with certificates

Secure 2-factor authentication login

Auto Lock at distance from the workplace


FIDO2 Passwordless Authenticaton

From now on your smart card can protect you on all your devices. It automatically unlocks and locks your workplace computer and it can also take care of your e-mail signature and encryption. Even approval processes and secure authentication via smart card or FIDO are possible. 

100% secure and so easy:
AirID at your workplace!

You don’t even have to pull your AirID2 from your pocket. As soon as you leave your workplace, AirID automatically locks your computer.

Smartcard Log-On
Simply log in

AirID locks your device

Sign documents VPN
Wherever and whenever you want

E-mail encryption
easy and anytime

Hard drive encryption

Virtual Private Networks

Secure printing

Access control

Time recording


Important for government agencies:

AirID2 Government can also secure mobile devices within an agency environment. Checked and approved by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). Used in conjunction with apps such as SecurePIM the mobile smartcard reader provides maximum security whilst offering maximum convenience to the user.

This is how your future companion AirID2 works!

AirID2 works everywhere – even without an internet connection! With a simple Bluetooth connection; whether it is on an airplane, train, or in a dead spot. Anytime!

Jog Dial convenient one-hand operation

Long battery life of over one week

USB simple charging and updating

Secure 256 bit encryption of the Bluetooth connection

“ECO-Mode” custom configuration in the settings to save energy

Low weight of less than 50g

iOS, Android, and Linux. Thanks to additional LEDs you can see the battery status anytime and you’ll always be informed: When you have to charge the AirID battery. No worries, the battery lasts several weeks.

AirID2 works everywhere – even without an internet connection! With a simple Bluetooth connection; whether it is on an airplane, train, or in a dead spot. Anytime!

Satisfied customers share their experiences:

"The AirID 2 is a device that is leading the pack in the card reader space due to its high level of simplicity and practicality. Features like the Bluetooth capability and automatic distance log off setting bring more convenience to the user, without compromising security."

Michael La Capria

Military CAC (USA)

"AirID improves security virtually automatically in any organization - and at the same time improves the practical application of security in the workplace. Simply Wireless. Wonderful."

Michael Motschmann

MIG Verwaltung AG

"Thanks to AirID, I no longer have to manually plug in and unplug my ID card from my laptop, and it also increases data security by automatically locking when I leave my desk. For me, a significant improvement in my daily work."

Florian Kellenberger

Siemens Mobility GmbH

"AirID provides cryptographic security to our business without constant token insertion. Much more secure than USB token or smart card alone. AirID simply brings automatic protection in the background."

Andreas Schuster

cpsd it service GmbH, Vienna

"The AirID brings the smartcard wirelessly to the user with a perfect symbiosis of security and UX."

Dennis Geib


"The cooperation with AirID is fantastic. Here, partnership is still written in capital letters and the needs of the customer are addressed!"

Diana Srebrzynski


"Consistent implementation of two-factor authentication is the effective measure to protect our corporate assets, especially for cloud services. The integrated AirID solution simplifies the everyday work of our employees."

Gerd Ewenz

Raiffeisendruckerei GmbH

With its security, flexibility and endurance, the AirID2 Mini provides us with the basis we need for our project and thus for the control and transaction execution with chip card-based eTicket on our trains.

Patrick Neehuis

Deutsche Bahn

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