Our drain valve is engineered to automatically remove large amounts of moisture and oil from condensed air systems resulting in oil & water free dry air lines.

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Airid's Pneumatic Pumps And Drain Valve Eliminate Compressed Air Piping Loss, Prevents Costly Drain Malfunction.

piston pneumatic air pump - cleans dirty air and prevents loss of compressed air pipingAirid's piston pneumatic pump technology is unbeatable everywhere oil and compressed air piping is a problem!  Positive pneumatic operation, internal, easy to clean purification strainers and patented dual-stage liquid ejection system deliver reliable, efficient operation by preventing drain clogs and open/shut errors.  Available line heaters (115 VAC and 12 or 24 VDC) prevent freeze-ups.

schematic view of Ariid's piston pneumatic pumpHow Do The Pneumatic Pumps Work?  Signal air pushes the piston forward, unseating the ball.  Strained liquids are forced into the tank, which is filled with atmospheric air.  Forced liquids compress the air in the tank; signal air is discontinued, forcing the piston into reverse, seating the ball and sealing off the inlet.  The liquid outlet is now open in piston reverse and was closed position forward, eliminating the loss of compressed air.  (Compressed air is only used in piston forward!)

Our Pneumatic Pump - The Answer To Your Problems:  Construction of the pump body and piston is 6061T6 Hard Navy Mil., Spec anodized aluminum; Stainless steel ball, piston rod, strainers and tank, and atmospheric inlet;  Teflon and viton seals.

Total System Compatibility:  Airid's piston pneumatic pumps fit all Airid coalescer / filters and cool air dryers; receiver surge and accumulator tanks; separators, and drip-leg drain kits.  All air pumps cam be cycled by Airid electro-pneumatic controls, multiple electro-pneumatic control, or total pneumatic control; Unloader lines or a cyclic application discharges the used air to pistons.

Discharge Rates  Fluid Oz./Hour and Gallons/Hour at 90 PSI.

Signal Air Cycle 12 Sec. 30 Sec. 1 Min. 2 Min. 5 Min. 10 Min. 15 Min.
Airid Moisture Minder 1 Fl. Oz. 750 300 150 75 30 15 10
Gal. 5.9 2.3 1.2 .58 .23 .12 .08
Airid Moisture Minder 2 Fl. Oz. 200 80 40 20 8 4 2
Gal. 1.6 .62 .31 .15 .06 .03 .015


Moisture Minder E Drain Valve



Inlet Port Size  1/4 NPT
Pilot Port Size  1/4 NPT
Drain Port Size  1/8 NPT
Length  7.75"
Width  4.75"
Weight  2.5 lbs.


The Moisture Minder All-In-One Drain Valve is
now available with full on-board controls. This unit is
designed with the near-zero air loss feature of our
standard Moisture Minder product, along with a built-in
timer. The new Moisture Minder is ideal for all drain
operations ( Receiver Tanks, Drip Legs, Separators, Dryers, Aftercoolers ).  Unit is internally pilot operated with cycle time adjustability from 1 to 120 minutes.

  • Easy to install
  • Adjustable timer: 1 minute to 120 minutes
  • LED light to show when drain is cycling
  • Test button with light
  • 6-foot 110V cord
  • Internal strainer with sediment chamber
  • Manual clean-out valve
  • Mounts anywhere, doesn't need to be below compressor
  • Maximum working pressure: 230 PSI
  • Maximum operating temperature: 200º F



Discharge Rates

1-Min. Timer Cycle 1.2 Gallons / hour
2-Min. Timer Cycle   .58 Gallons / hour
5-Min. Timer Cycle   .23 Gallons / hour
10-Min. Timer Cycle   .12 Gallons / hour


Part #

Description of Valves

J-143-0000  Moisture Minder® E-Drain unit w/On-board Controller
J-0317  Moisture Minder® E-Drain unit w/On-Board Controller, includes deluxe installation
kit for receiver tank
J-0102 Installation Kit for Drip Leg or Air Drop (does not include E-Drain)

See our Moister Minder E-Drain Valve Brochure in PDF format.

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