Compressed air dryer maintenance experts are ready to solve problems with your compressed air dryers using AIRID's clean coalescer filter and pneumatic piston pumps.
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Airid Tsunami Coalescers,
Air Water Separators & Filters

Oil Water Separators / Coalescers

Tsunami Oil Water Separator / CoalescerGuaranteed point of use protection for air drops and pneumatic equipment. Removes large amounts (1 quart of oil water per minute ) of moisture and particulate down to 10 microns. Unique flow separation takes place as the air reverses direction 180 and passes through the stainless steel element. Integral hydro-pump automatically ejects moisture, oil, and particulate that collects in the large drain sump.  See our Tsunami Filtration Packages Brochure in PDF format. Diagram of a Tsunami Coalescer / Oil Water Separator

  • Guaranteed performance
  • Non-corroding sulfuric acid anodized aircraft aluminum inside and out, powder-coated Zemac heads, composite drain
  • Duty rated heavy wet flow 50 SCFM and 120 SCFM
  • Optional drain choices: solenoid or piston
  • Super low pressure drop
  • Large sump prevents carry-over from radical surge flows
  • Virtually no maintenance
  • Extremely consistent performance from low to high flow
  • Corrects improperly plumbed air systems
  • Modular design allows use with Tsunami oil / water coalescers, regulators, and lubricators OEM's choice for warranty protection
  • 30-day money back performance guarantee

Inline Air Filters / Cartridges

Tsunami Oil Water Separator Filters / Cartridges

These cartridge type filters complement our Tsunami Oil Water Separator frame sizes and can be mounted in series to provide the ultimate in clean dry air.  Filters / cartridges can be stacked for the best efficiency and lowest pressure drop for your application.  Drains may be added to automatically remove condensate and oils from the filter body.

Grade X Filters for 99.97% DOP efficiency at 0.03 m particle size.

Grade Z Filters for 99.9999% DOP efficiency at 0.01 m particle size.

Activated Carbon Cartridges for odor removal.

Part #s

Flow Rating







Airid Modular Tsunami
50 SCFM 1/2" NPT 14-1/4" 2-3/8" 250 PSI 200 F 3.25
J-0131-ED *
Modular Tsunami with Solenoid Drain
50 SCFM 1/2" NPT 14-1/4" 3-3/4" 250 PSI 200 F 4.75
Modular Tsunami
120 SCFM 1" NPT 15-7/8" 3-1/8" 250 PSI 200 F 4.75
J-0082-ED *
Modular Tsunami with Solenoid Drain
120 SCFM 1" NPT 19-7/8" 4" 250 PSI 200 F 5.75
 * A Timed Airid Solenoid Drain is strongly recommended for air systems having measurable quantities of rust and/or oil.


Optional Timed Airid Solenoid  


Part #s Descriptions
J-1630644 Brand Heater for 50 SCFM Airid Tsunami - 120V
J-1630649 Brand Heater for 120 SCFM Airid Tsunami - 120V
J-0317 Airid Drain Tube Kit (Used to expel water to floor drain or vessel)
J-0177 Replacement Float Drain
J-9000801 Optional Airid Timed Solenoid Drain (Replaces float drain valve)

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