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Airid sells Tsunami Coalescers / Water Separators & Filters; Pneumatic Pumps; Drain Valves & Automatic Timer; Astrocooler Air Compressor System; Air Compressor Accessories, Components, and Parts.
Pneumatic Pumps In line drain valves Compressed air dryers Cooler air dryers Air oil separator Oil water separator Automatic drain valves Air line filters Coalescers Inline coalescer filter

Summary Of Airid's Compressed
Air Dryers, Oil Water Separator,
Coalescer Filters, and Pneumatic
Air Treatment Equipment

Airid Tsunami Coalescers / Oil Water Separator & Filters - Removes large amounts (1 quart of oil water per minute ) of moisture and particulate down to 10 microns.  See Tsunami Filtration Packages Brochure in PDF format

Airid Pneumatic Pumps - Our piston pneumatic pump technology is unbeatable everywhere oil and compressed air piping is a problem.

Drain Valve + Timer - Airid Moisture Minder plus a built-in timer.  This drain valve is ideal for all drain operations on receiver tanks, drip legs, separators, dryers, and aftercoolers).

Moisture Minder 3000 Drain Valve - This drain valve is specifically engineered to automatically remove large amounts of water and oil from condensed air lines.  A built-in self-cleaning strainer provides added protection.  See Moister Minder E-Drain Valve Brochure in PDF format

Automatic Drain Timers For Compressed Air Dryers, Filters, and Drip Legs This unit (timed drain valve with ball valve / strainer. ) can be installed directly to your compressors receiver tank for release of water and contaminants from the bottom of the tank.  See Moisture Minder II Auto Timer Brochure in PDF format

Airid Astrocooler Air Compressor System - Cooler air dryers for air compressor lines. For mounting instructions see: Bung Mount Drain Valve, Remote Drain Valve, and Outlet Mounted Drain Valve.

Air Compressor Accessories, Components, and Parts


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