Airid's compressed air aftercooler is for compressors up to 15 HP.  The Astrocooler ™ passively removes most of the moisture in your compressed air system.
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Airid Compressed Air Cooler Dryers - Water Separators, Coalescer Filters and Pneumatic Air Treatment Makes Us The Best Compressed Air Piping System!

Airid Astrocooler™ Compressor Aftercooler


The Airid Astrocooler has been discontinued. 
See Tsunami ™ Coalescers.

A new and innovative compressed air system for air compressor lines is finally here!  Absolutely unbeatable air dryer products wherever clean compressed air is needed. 

When air is compressed to 160 psi it can reach temperatures close to 350° F. This air goes into a receiver tank and some natural cooling will take place by condensing out some of the water. In most shops the air leaves the tank hot, humid, and with most of the moisture still in suspension. The air will cool down as it travels throughout your air distribution system. This cooling down of the compressed air will create a rainstorm inside your pipes.

  • Flexible mounting away from heat sources

  • 50% less costly than refrigerated air dryers

  • Serves mobil as well as industrial applications

  • Maintenance free

  • Lowest operating costs

  • Extremely tough and durable

Compressed air aftercooler for compressors up to 15 HP.  The Astrocooler ™ passively removes most of the moisture in your compressed air system.

Hot air leaving the compressor flows into the Astrocooler ™, a fan at the bottom blows the much cooler ambient air through the exchanger and cools the air to a temperature close to that of the room. The cool air and condensed water flows back into the tank and the water is drained from the bottom of the unit with the airid Moisture Minder ® drain valve.

With this system installed most of the water will condense out of your compressed air system at the tank, not down stream at the air gun or pneumatic wrench.  Capable of up to 300° F temperature reduction offering a 2 - 5° approach temperature to ambient.

The Astrocooler ™ is lightweight and easy to install.  It can be mounted to any wall surface above the compressor so the condensed moisture runs back to the receiver.  Kit includes Airid Astrocooler ™, 2 mounting brackets, 2 bracket clamps, and plugs into any standard 115V outlet.

Height: 20-3/4"   Width: 9"   Weight: 18 Lbs.   1/2"NPT Inlet & Outlet ports   Flow 80 SCFM

Part #


J-0085 Airid Astorcoolor ™  115V Aftercooler
J-0086 Airid Astorcoolor ™  Installation Kit - Includes:
  • 6 feet of metal hose
  • 10 feet of medium temperature pressure hose
  • 2 barbed fittings
  • 4 hose clamps
J-0090 Airid Astorcoolor System (includes installation kit and drain valve)

Mounting instructions for: Bung Mount Drain Valve, Remote Drain Valve, and Outlet Mounted Drain Valve.

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