Airid is one of the few air compressor dealers / air compressors manufacturers to offer a line of air dryers and industrial compressor pneumatic filter treatment systems, inline coalescer filtration equipment, and pumps resulting in oil free dry air lines free of contaminates.
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Airid is a leader in compressed air cooler dryers and industrial pneumatic filter systems for clean oil-free dry air. We offer a unique compressed air treatment system.  Our Airid Cooler Dryers, water separators, coalescers, and carbon filters take smoke, dust, fumes, water vapor / mist / moisture, oil, and dirty oily particles our of industrial air lines.  The point of use filtration system extends service life of inline air compressors and minimizes costs of inline air compressors / machinery.  100% air line pollution control and purification is our objective to help even a clean room be free of contaminates.

Our purification Pneumatic Filter Products Include:

  • Airid Astro Cooler - cools air more efficiently and in less space.
  • Tsunami Water Separator - removes oily water at point-of-use in compressed air lines
  • Oil Coalescer - coalesces oil from compressed air down to .001 microns

Airid is a trademark of Digilube Systems, Inc., an ISO 9002 company.

Besides selling the unique Airid Product Line of coalescer filtration systems for compressed air, Digilube Systems is also a manufacturer / supplier of the below products.

  • Digilube dry film, thin film, and synthetic lubricants
  • Digilube automatic conveyor lubricators
  • Electro-Luber single & multiple lubricant dispensers for bearings & machine applications
  • Centralized grease & oil lubrication systems for machinery
  • Conveyor components
  • Greasers & grease
  • RW Enclosed Track Chain, Monorail-I-Beam Chain, Unibilt Enclosed Track Chain, Rabid Flex Enclosed Track Chain

Check out all of the Airid products and see how they can increase your operation's up-time and ensure that your trouble-free equipment will last a long time.


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